The company offers complete services from design/planning stages, prototype and then mass production. The company’s divisions are organized into business segments based on the nature of the products and services provided: the Operations Division and the Design & Development Group.

The Operations Division handles the physical manufacturing of electronic control devices to industrial and commercial customers. Currently, the principal products are electronic safety control devices of high-end flat irons shipped around the world, various types of electromechanical safety control switches utilized in e.g. electrical ovens and further kinds of PCBAs for infrared ovens, washing machines and further applications.

The Design and Development Department, with primary consideration on the inputs and expected output of the customer, handles the entire product-lifecycle—from prototype to mass production. Specifically, it analyzes market trends to actively develop or reviews and analyzes the existing products to look for opportunities and product improvements of the respective customers. In addition, it is in collaboration with the company’s prospective customers on upcoming projects, serves as an outsourcing agent for research and development activity on an exclusive basis and is specialized in component, reliability and life time testing.


Manual Assembly Line

State-Of-The-Art SMT